Situation Analysis, Students

Closure of Palestinian Prisoners’ Bank Accounts: A New Phase for the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement

The Palestinian banks received an Israeli threat for maintaining bank accounts for Palestinian prisoners. The threat implicated that maintaining these accounts implies the banks and their staff are subjected to punishment as “Accomplices in crime”. The Occupation’s authority considers it a crime for the PNA to pay salaries to prisoners and liberated prisoners.

Situation Analysis, Students

The Renaissance Dam Crises: Imposing Fait Accompli upon Egypt and Sudan

The Renaissance Dam crisis is not new. It started in 2011, as Ethiopia announced laying the foundation stone for the dam, which reduces Egypt and Sudan’s share of the Nile River’s water. This raised Egypt’s discretion and strained the relationship between the two countries.

Situation Analysis, Students

Escalation of Military Conflict in Libya: Background and Outcomes

This paper presents a study for Turkey’s role in the Libyan file, and how Turkey -The sole ally to the Government of National Accord- achieved many victories on the battlefield against its opponent Haftar. Haftar is in control of the Military foundation and receives support from regional and international allies.

Situation Analysis, Students

The future of Chinese- American relations under Trump’s Administration…. Will Relations fall into Abyss?

Since the diplomatic relations between China and the United States initiated in the late 1970s, the bilateral relations between the two countries went through many phases that ranged in-between tensity and stability, at the succession of American administrations.

Situation Analysis, Students

The American Presidential Election and Coronavirus (Covid- 19) “Factors and Scenarios”

The world’s attention turns to the American elections every four years, as it greatly contributes to defining the world system formed by states and non-state actors’ interactions. This is due to the United States’ influence in most world events as the dominant power in the world system, and its pursuit to maintain its role as a unipolar.