Situation Analysis, Students

The American Presidential Election and Coronavirus (Covid- 19) “Factors and Scenarios”


The world’s attention turns to the American elections every four years, as it greatly contributes to defining the world system formed by states and non-state actors’ interactions. This is due to the United States’ influence in most world events as the dominant power in the world system, and its pursuit to maintain its role as a unipolar.

The 2020 elections are special, as an alien factor, the Coronavirus (Covid-19), has taken a great part in shaping electoral programs and speech addressed to the American voters. This factor and its influence on the world, varying from health, economic, social effects…etc., has become an influential factor in the 2020 elections, due to its creation of an international race to attain the panacea. The United States has recorded the highest number of cases and deaths in the world ranking; therefore, dealing with the virus has become the priority in an elector’s program, which directly addresses the voter.

The Paper also seeks to provide an observation of the foreign policies adopted by the current White Houses’ American administration led by Donald Trump for the past four years (prior to 2020). Second, the Democratic candidate John Biden’s electoral program that includes the domestic and foreign policies adopted if he wins. Third, the possible scenarios for the upcoming American elections, in addition to a Position paper on the Palestinian political leadership’s position based on the possible American election results.