Situation Analysis, Students

Crisis of abusive cartoons between Charlie Hebdo and Macron’s statements

A student killed his teacher in a school in France on October 16th, after displaying cartoons of the profit in a class on freedom of expression. As a result, the French police killed the student. In turn, French President Emmanuel Macron said, “The citizen was killed today because he was a teacher teaching student’ freedom of expression.” Macron described the event as “Islamic terrorism.”

In response, many Muslim countries condemned the French position, in Turkey, Pakistan, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan, Tunisia and many other countries. This paper will deal with the repercussions of Macron’s abuse of the profit in Islamic and Arab countries, and the most important events that resulted from France’s statements regarding Islam, from stands condemning and calling for a boycott of French products. In addition to passing on some similar historical facts.