Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies

Named after one of Palestine’s prominent contemporary internationalist thinkers and academics, the Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies (IALIIS) was established in 1998 as Birzeit’s graduate institute of international studies. Through its various programs, IALIIS engages a broad diversity of issues in politics, diplomacy and foreign policy, especially by offering an integrated and interdisciplinary MA program.

The Institute seeks to contribute to knowledge and development in Palestine, by building the analytical skills of Palestinian students in the understanding of their long-term political, economic and legal struggle for freedom and independence. Therefore, IALIIS places great importance on the ongoing capacity building of administrative, research and teaching staff as well as students and recent graduates. Moreover, the Institute contributes regularly to community awareness and education through its ongoing activities which provide interactive platforms to discuss significant issues, faced by Palestinians, in relation to the Institute’s fields of interest. IALIIS is thus a part of a large network of similar local, Arab and international academic centers and think tanks.

IALIIS strives to be a leading think-tank, specialized in international affairs, which addresses the most prominent issues relevant to the Palestinian cause.

IALIIS brings together knowledge, research and leadership to foster and engage various actors in constructive dialogue, aiming at enhancing the decision making process on the international relations level. It is committed to being a resource for the general public and decision makers, providing unbiased research and interactive platforms to discuss the most significant developments in international affairs that affect Palestinians and the Palestinian cause. IALIIS is also committed to preparing graduates for leadership roles, equipped with analytical skills and abilities which enable them to critically understand and analyze contemporary international issues that are relevant to Palestine.

  • To prepare a distinguished staff specialized in international studies, professionally and academically.
  • To contribute to knowledge and development in Palestine, through producing action researches, particularly on issues related to the global environment with which the country is asymmetrically engaged.
  • To create innovative platforms to debate ideas and conduct dialogues with policymakers, aiming at enhancing the decision making processes;
  • To enhance communication and enrich intercultural understandings and dialogue between local students, academics, and politicians and their regional and international counterparts.
  1. MA in International Studies

The Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies offers an academic curriculum leading to the MA degree in international studies. The program is intended to develop the expertise of students, researchers and employees in relevant governmental and nongovernmental organizations, through the study of major theories of the political and economic relations between states, in their historical context and within the organizing framework of international law.

  1. Diwan Abu-Lughod

The Diwan is a program that brings together students, academics, researchers, actors, diplomats, politicians, and decision makers in a pre-structured dialogue, and provides them with the appropriate platform where knowledge and experience are being brought, critically thought of, and reflected upon in an inspiring way. This program is implemented through conducting public lectures, workshops and symposia, in addition to the diplomacy meeting.

  1. Palestine in a Changing World

The program oversees the dynamics in the international world’s changing politics and its relevant impact on the Palestinian issue. This program is carried out through conducting the annual international conference and producing policy papers which deals with prominent issues and challenges that face Palestinians and the Palestinian cause.

  1. Forced Migration and Refugees Studies

This program detects the changes over the refugee’s perceptions, relation, and contribution to the current and future state of Palestine, through conducting (action) research and holding workshops and symposia to discuss contemporary issues related to migration and refugees.

  1. IALIIS Leadership Accelerator

The program provides graduates, actors and decision makers with an opportunity to engage in building and developing their leadership and professional skills, in their respective fields, to support their development processes as professionals. This is done through providing fellowships opportunities and holding training courses with the aim of providing professional knowledge and practical skills in the Institute’s fields of interest.