Situation Analysis, Students

Closure of Palestinian Prisoners’ Bank Accounts: A New Phase for the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement


The Palestinian banks received an Israeli threat for maintaining bank accounts for Palestinian prisoners. The threat implicated that maintaining these accounts implies the banks and their staff are subjected to punishment as “Accomplices in crime”. The Occupation’s authority considers it a crime for the PNA to pay salaries to prisoners and liberated prisoners.

This paper studied the threat’s ramifications on both the prisoners and decision of the PNA and its sovereignty on the occupied lands under what is known as the Israeli Military Order. The threat directed at the banks came based on a military order issued by the Israeli military judicial system.

This paper provides facts on the circumstances of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons and projects the Israeli policy towards the prisoners. As they are abused inside and outside prisons, and deprived of their rights in an explicit violation of the international law.

This paper also covered the official Palestinian position refusing the threat, and some banks’ actions in freezing or closing the prisoners’ accounts in submission to the military order. The PNA affirmed that the prisoners’ allocations are sacred and that it is searching for solutions to protect the prisoners’ allocations on one hand, and protect the banks from the occupations’ threats on another hand. The PNA announced to freeze any decisions concerning the prisoners’ accounts in agreement with the banks.

Additionally, this paper covered Prisoners and liberated prisoners’ reactions to the procedures, as those procedures negatively affected the prisoners’ spirits and the resistance spirit within the Palestinians. This paper concluded that Israel has made this threat during the current complicated political status (caused by Israel’s annexation plans that are based on the deal of the century), as an attempt to pass the issue of the prisoners as a minor issue without it gaining full attention from the Palestinians.