Situation Analysis, Students

Peace Process Scenarios under the Israeli Annexation Plan


This paper seeks to study the effect of the American plan for Palestinian- Israeli peace, known as “the deal of the Century”, on the two-state solution and course of the peace process. It starts by following the course of events leading to the declaration of the plan and covered the reactions to it on the Palestinian, Arab, Israeli, and European levels. The paper also processed several variables and factors contributing closely to President Trump’s declaration of the plan. It focused on analyzing the ramifications of the deal based on the Palestinian Issues’ main axes (Jerusalem, the refugees, the borders, and settlement) concerning the two-state solution and United Nations legislations.

The paper concluded three main scenarios regarding the Settlement annexation, which is considered a realistic manifestation of what the deal of the century has presented. The most probable scenario leads to Israel going forth in its plan to annex parts of the West Bank and Jordan Valley soon; as a result of the factors and circumstances the region is going through locally, regionally, and internationally. It is noteworthy to mention that this paper does not provide a thorough analysis of the direct impact of the Coronavirus, and its manifestations.