Policy Analysis, Students

The U.S. – China Economic Relations (2016-2020)‎

The study sought to trace the China-US relations from a historical perspective, focusing on the economic aspect. The study focuses on the escalation of trade tension between the two parties, which had arisen during the era of President “Donald Trump”, as he imposed heavy sanctions on Chinese exports entering the United States of America and on some Chinese products and services, which affected the level of relations, and this also resulted in Beijing’s response. For such decisions; He also imposed expensive tariffs on US exports.

In order for the study to investigate its problem, the research is divided into two main axes: the first deals with a general background on the economic relations between the two countries, and the second deals with the economic relations between the countries in the era of Donald Trump and its implications on the international system. The study aims to develop a hypothesis that enables China to rise as a unipolar superpower or a pole of multiple poles.

The study concluded that in this trade war there is no victor, and its continuation will lead to losses between the two parties, but the biggest victim will be the United States of America, because raising tariffs did not prevent China from exporting more goods to America. On the other hand, we clearly see the growing power of China and it is expected to achieve its goal in the “Made in China 2025” project.