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The Syrian Crisis and its Ramifications on the Arab National ‎Security ‎

This study discusses the topic of the Syrian crisis and its repercussions on Arab national security, It has been more than nine years since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis that came during the Arab Spring, and whose effects extended to what could not be expected, as a result of internal and external factors that led to the outbreak of the war inside it, which was One of its most important results is the migration of millions of Syrian people to different parts of the world. The conflict was not only between two parties, but the conflict extended to more than what was expected, as external interventions such as Iran, the United States of America, Turkey, Russia and other countries had an important factor in the escalation of the crisis and its longevity, and the Syrian crisis was not satisfied with its negative impact on a narrow level. Rather, it caused instability in the Arab region and global conflict between major countries.

The Syrian case is not similar to the cases of the other Arab Spring revolutions, perhaps the most severe among them and of a great impact, especially on the Arab world, which was covered in this study, in which the focus was on addressing a major problem represented by the implications of the Syrian crisis on Arab national security.