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The Sudanese Normalization: A Need or an Exploitation ‎

The paper highlights the issue of normalization – the agreement concluded between Sudan and Israel – on 10/23-2020, where the paper dealt with the historical background about the nature of relations between Sudan and Israel, and then the motives for both countries, between Sudan’s urgent need for its name to be removed from the list of terrorist countries And the renewal of its foreign relations and revitalization of the economy, not to mention the floods and internal political problems it is going through today, all combined with American pressure, enabled Sudan to agree, especially as it was not the first in the normalization. As for Israel, its normalization with Sudan will open the way for it to enhance its strategic and economic interests, and a way for the implementation of its plans and endeavors that were clarified in the paper. The paper also discussed the Arab position represented by the Arab League, Peoples and Governments, in addition to the Palestinian position.