Policy Analysis, Students

The Disengagement from the Oslo Accords and Paris Protocol, and its Role in ‎Shaping the Palestinian Economic Approach and Creating Economic Crises

This paper highlights president Mahmoud Abbas decision on 19-05-2020 on resolving all agreements and understandings between the Palestinian and Israeli governments, and effect of these agreements on the financial crises the Palestinian Authority is passing through. It also discussed the most important economic and developmental provisions that both the Oslo and Paris treaties touched upon, the effect of these treaties on the economic situation in Palestine and the economic dependence that it attaches to the occupation state without allowing the establishment of an independent Palestinian economy.

The paper concluded with the necessity of directing the authority to more effective alternatives to get out of the current economic situation and to dissolve from adherence to these agreements in act and not in words, and to define a new form of the nature of political and economic relations with Israel to get out of full economic dependency to reach economic liberalization.