The Border Demarcation Negotiations between Lebanon and Israel: Timing ‎and Connotations


The  paper highlights one of the most prominent issues in the international and Arab arena at the present time, which is the demarcation of the borders between Lebanon and Israel, in conjunction with an Arab wave of normalization with Israel, which was initiated by the UAE, followed by Bahrain and Sudan. The following paper tries to answer the following question: What are the indications of timing this announcement, and whether these Lebanese-Israeli negotiations come as a prelude to the normalization of relations between the two countries and their reconciliation, and then talking in depth about the negotiations in the Lebanese context followed by the Israeli context In an attempt to understand the event, the conclusion was reached that the American policy led by Donald Trump and its rapprochement with the Israeli policy greatly affected the Arab arena, making the environment amenable to embracing normalization and cooperation projects, but the matter remains linked to partisan or personal perspectives on national perspectives for both Lebanon and Israel.