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Economic Normalization between the Emirates and Israel: Dimensions and ‎Challenges ‎

This paper discusses the recent Israeli and Gulf economic discussions in light of the wave of normalization taking place in the region, by stating the most important interests, especially with regard to finding safe roads such as the port of Haifa that is leased by the giant Dubai Ports Company as an alternative to those methods used in both Bab al-Mandab and Hormuz, which is considered relatively dangerous due to the turbulent geopolitical situation between Israel and the Gulf, and Iran, and the attempt to find relatively cheaper ways to transport oil through the use of the Saudi Yanbu refinery to extend the Eilat-Askelan pipeline as an alternative to using the Suez Canal, which is considered the most expensive, in addition to finding weight in the eastern region. The Mediterranean, especially after the recent crises, imagines that these steps come as a start for implementing economic peace projects