Birzeit University’s Palestinian Archive Project Website


During this workshop the nature and importance  of the archive was presented, in addition to the significance of preserving these valuable documents which contribute to preserving and documenting Palestinian history.

In his opening speech, Dr. Khalil Hindi, President of Birzeit University, referred to the nature and critical need for this project in order to protect the Palestinian heritage. He also noted the important role of Birzeit University in launching the project. Following Dr. Hindi, Dr. Roger Heacock, a faculty member at IALIIS illustrated the dimensions of the archive project, noting that the archive is online and thus open to researchers and interested persons around the world. He also emphasized on the need to expand the field of the project so that it would include all  parts of Palestine and the Diaspora. He also suggested that areas to be documented should include educational and cultural institutions.

Mr. Raed Eshnaiwer, a researcher at IALIIS spoke of the mechanism and stages of working in the archive, and explained the structure of the working team, pointing to mentioned the challenges they face. He also stressed the need to find additional funds making it possible to move forward. Mr. Haytham Dieck , likewise a researcher at IALIIS, presented the website of the archive project, surfing through different categories such as refugees, Palestinian villages and cities, and human rights. He also gave details on the way materials are categorized and uploaded, and presented pictures and recordings from the site, by way of examples.

Saturday, October 15, 2011 - 12