The Arab Center for Law and Policy


Dr. Jabareen presented the core focus of the Arab Center for Law and Policy as one of the attempts by Palestinians living in Israeli to defy the Israeli discourse. The absence of the Palestinian representation at both governmental and academic levels was the main driving force that encouraged the founders of the center to institutionalize their efforts to plan for the future of Arabs in Israel. Dr. Jabareen explained that the center concentrates on three major programs: education, local governance, and establishing a database that covers different aspects about Palestinians in Israel.

He highlighted that the center bases its discourse by referring to actual cases that minorities experience all over the world. The center also refers to the declaration of the UN General Assembly about indigenous people, especially the issue of land, self-determination, and enhancement of political participation.

Dr. Jabareen presented his discourse on the participatory equity, which aims at achieving real civil, national and economic equity for Palestinians in Israel. He emphasized that this equity in a society with multi-national and multi-cultural groups is based on three major dimensions: public domain, internal domain, and historical domain, and these domains associated with many other sub-domains influence the lives of Arabs in Israel.

By the end of discussion, Dr. Jabareen expressed his willingness to cooperate with the relevant Palestinian institutions in West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 12