Russian Ambassador visits BZU, lectures students on Russian Policies



Birzeit University President Abdellatif Abuhijleh met on March 27, 2017 with the Ambassador of the Representative Office of the Russian Federation to Palestine Aydar Aganin. Both parties discussed where they can cooperate in academia, exchange and research.

The representative was accompanied with the Cultural Attaché of the Russian Embassy Spirina Tatiana, and the Vice President of the Palestinian-Russian Friendship Society Asad Al Owaiwi. The meeting was attended by the university's Vice President for Community Affairs Assim Khalil, the Director of Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies Lorde Habash, the Academic External Relations Officer Amir Khalil, and the Contemporary Arabic Studies Professor Abdel Karim Barghouthi.

Abuhijleh talked about the long-standing relationship with Russia, pointing out to the academic ties that Birzeit University has with a number of Russian universities, calling upon more cooperation in academia, research and faculty and student exchange.

Aganin said that Russia believes that investing in youth is like investing in the future, therefore, they work to strengthen their ties with the world especially in higher-education, as it offers opportunities for the students to explore new experiences in academia and culture.

As part of the Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies Diplomatic lecture series, Aganin presented a lecture about the Russian foreign policy in the Middle East. He focused on the Syrian conflict and the Palestinian cause.

According to Aganin, Russia believe that the world is multipolar. "In the globalization era, states are no longer capable of dominating the world by itself. We believe in constructive dialogue among nations and cooperation."

Aganin reaffirmed on the Russian commitment towards Palestine. "We strongly condemn the Israeli outrageous acts against Palestinians, especially settlements expansion. We believe in the international legitimacy, and the best solution for the Palestinian cause can only be attained through negotiations."


Monday, March 27, 2017 - 14
Birzeit University