The IALIIS is a leading research and academic institution in Palestine. It continuously produces a large number of research’s and policy papers. Most of them are already available in print, in Arabic and English. The main objective of this module is to publish scholars’ papers online, and to make them accessible and available to the public. Such publications will also ensure the visibility and contribution of Birzeit in  academic productions and enhance the possibility of their influence worldwide.

The IALIIS Research Paper Series will be published on the IALIIS website, but can also make use of possible distribution through available online networks, such as (Social Science Research Network). However, this online publication will not be a substitute for possible booklet, books, or any other printed conference proceedings. It does not even prevent authors from using their papers and develop them further for possible publication in peer‐reviewed journals or contribution to books. Each research paper will have a serial number to distinguish it from others and facilitate citation. Here is an example: Birzeit University Research Paper 2010/1.