Faculty Members


Faculty Members

Abdulkarim Barghouti, Ph.D.

Abdulkarim Barghouti is the director of IALIIS. He earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Moscow State University. He chaired the Philosophy and Cultural Studies Department at Birzeit University for five years, and directed the graduate program in Contemporary Arabic Studies for two years. He is a previous Dean of Student Affairs and has been for a number of years secretary of the board of the Arab Council for Social Sciences. Dr. Barghouti has published widely in the fields of philosophy, religion, Arab and international studies.

Dr. Barghouti can be reached at: ialiis.director@birzeit.edu

Dr. Barghouti's CV


Roger Heacok, Ph.D. 

Roger Heacock is a professor of history. Prior to taking up residence in Palestine, he taught at the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, and the University of Paris 7, and has since been guest professor at the University of Vienna, Austria, and the Collège de France in Paris. He participated in the creation of the multidisciplinary graduate program in international studies at Birzeit and thereafter in building the present Institute, which he directed until 2001. His research interests center around north-south international history, including the history of the Mediterranean, as well as issues of space-time, and their articulation with social and discursive issues, in addition to the quest for the renewal of methodologies.

Dr. Heacock can be reached at: rheacock@birzeit.edu  


Ahmad 'Azem Hamad, Ph.D.

Ahmad 'Azem Hamad is the Director of  the M.A. Program in International Studies at IALIIS and a member of the Board of Directors of the Institute. He was the Director of  Palestine and Arabic Studies program at Birzeit University and a lecturer of international studies and political science. He was also a Visiting Fellow Researcher at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cambridge, and worked as a researcher and lecturer for 8 years at The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies (ECSSR), besides being the Managing Editor of Afaq al Mustaqbal Journal. He earned in Ph.D. in Politics from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Dr. Hamad can be reached at:



Tariq Dana, Ph.D.

Tariq Dana is a Senior Research Fellow at the Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies. He has a Ph.D. in Politics, Human Rights and Sustainability from Santa’Anna School of Advanced Studies (Italy) and was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. He has published many research  papers, articles and policy papers, analyses and commentaries.

Dr. Dana can be reached at: tdana@birzeit.edu 


Raed Bader, Ph.D.  

Raed Bader holds a Ph.D. in the Contemporary History of the Mediterranean Region from the University of Provence, Aix- Marseille I. He obtained a Fernand Braudel fellowship from the Foundation of the Human Sciences Institute and the City of Paris for the year 2007/08. He previously worked as a researcher at the Institute for the Study of Islam and the societies of the Islamic world (IISMM) at the Graduate School of Social Sciences (EHESS), and the French Institute for International Relations (IFRI) of Paris. He also taught and worked at the University of Aix-en-Provence, the University of Saint Charles, the Mediterranean Institute for Training in Marseille, and  the Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l'Homme (MMSH) Aix-en-Provence before joining the Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute for International Studies at Birzeit University in 2009.

Dr. Bader can be reached at rbader@birzeit.edu


Magid Shihade, Ph.D. 

Magid Shihade is a faculty member at the Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies at Birzeit University. His research interests are modernity, violence, identity, and the anthropology and politics of knowledge, and decolonization. He has written on these subjects several journal articles and book chapters, and has published recent a book by Syracuse University Press: Not Just a Soccer Game: Colonialism and Conflict among Palestinians in Israel. 

Dr. Shihade can be reached at mshihade@gmail.com  


Majdi El-Maliki, Ph.D.

Dr. Majdi El-Maliki is an Associate Professor in Sociology. 

Dr. El-Maliki can be reached at: mmaliki@birzeit.edu


Norma Hazboun, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science. Holder of a Doctorate Degree in Politics  from the University of Leeds, England, 1994. She holds an MA in Information Studies, from the University of London  (UCL), 1985.  She is a board member of a number of local NGOs in the West Bank.

Dr. Hazboun can be reached at: nhazboun@birzeit.edu


Tamara Essayyad, Ph.D.

Tamara Essayyad holds a Juris Doctorate from Howard University School of Law, with a focus on international law and the intersection between human rights and trade law.  Her research focuses on the international legal implications of economic exploitation of occupied territory.  In addition to her role as a Professor of Law at Birzeit University, she is currently a legal adviser to the United Nations Development Programme’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People, and works directly with negotiations teams on the issues of settlements and borders, refugees, and reparations. Essayyad holds an M.A. from the University of Leeds and a B.A. from the University of Nevada.

Dr. Essayyad can be reached at: tessayyad@birzeit.edu


Lourd Habash, Ph.D.


Ali Jarbawi, Ph.D.