Graduate Students Module


Graduate Students Module

This module aims to select the best researches of graduate students, to be published. These researches should discuss topics related to refugee and forced migration. This comes under the competition of scientific research that FMRU and IALIIS organize, and any other solicited journals pertaining the topics of interest. This Module aims mainly to encourage students to pursue scientific research in that field. The outputs of this module will be published soon.  

Ali, Zarefa. 2012. Egypt’s Obligations Towards Palestinian Asylum Seekers During Operation Cast Lead (2008-2009). Available on SSRN


 Zayed, Amal. 2012. The Principle Of Non-Refoulment And The Egyptian Responsibility Towards The Palestinians During The Israeli Attack On Gaza In 2008/2009. Available on SSRN


Aesh, Iman. 2011. Reasons and Incentives for Hitler’s Foreign Policy (Arabic). Available on SSRN.


Al-Mimi, Nardeen. 2011. The Role of The External Factors in Constituting The Palestinian Elite in the Late Ottoman Empire (The 19TH Century) and During The Mandate (Arabic). Available on SSRN.


Siam,  Ashraf2011The Resolution of  Uniting for  Peace: Is  IT a Possible Device  to Protect The Pailstinians?. (Arabic) Available on SSRN


Twam, Rashad. 2011The National Liberation and Conflict Resolution Through Peaceful Means. (Arabic). Available on SSRN