Position Papers Module


Position Papers Module

The main objective of the module of  'position papers’ is to provide decision makers with information and data to formulate their decisions and policies accordingly. This way we gurantee policies and decisions-based knowledge. Position papers usually prepared by external specialists whether locals or internationals, and in-house specialists. Those position papers should be reviewed and approved by the advisory committee. Upon this approval the FMRU facilitates the publishing of those papers, and extracts the main recommendations and share it with the stakeholders.


The following position papers are available in full texts and as abstracts on SSRN:

Suleiman, Jaber.2012. Trapped by Denial of Rights, Illusion of Statehood: The Case of The Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon. Available on SSRN.


Bontemps, Véronique. 2011. The Need For A Qualitative Approach of Palestinian Mobility Between The West Bank and Jordan. Available on SSRN.


Heacock, Roger. 2011. Locating and opening Palestinian archives: a national priority. Available on SSRN.


Husseini, Jalal. 2011. UNRWA and its needs. Available on SSRN.


Jabbarin, Shawan. 2011. Forcible Transfer or Forced Migration of Palestiniansin the Occupied Palestinian Territory Froman Interantional Law  Standpoint. Available on SSRN.


Shalabi, Yaser. 2011. Palestinian Population, Movement and Statistics. Available on SSRN.


Shiblak, Abbas. 2011. The Status of Palestinian Refugees in Host Arab States. Available on SSRN


Tamari, Salim. 2011. Palestinian Refugees, Displaced Persons, and the Negotiating Strategy. Available onSSRN.