About Us




The Forced Migration and Refugee Unit (FMRU) was established in 2007 (then known as the Refugee and International Migration Resource Unitas part of the Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies (IALIIS) at Birzeit University. This is the first Unit of its kind in Palestine as it provides a concentration program in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies as a part of the Master programme in International Studies and hence conferring a new academic dimension which is international and comparative in nature in forced migration and refugee studies.


The Goals of FMRU  


  • To provide an in-depth studies in forced migration and refugee areas within the graduate programme to supplement the specialized international and local institutions.
  • To strengthen the capacity of researchers and graduate students, encourage them to research in forced migration and refugee issues, and to provide them with relevant resources and data.
  • To assist professionals and decision makers to adopt positions knowledge-based in relation to Palestinian refugees and forced migration.

 What does the FMRU offer?

  • A concentration in forced migration and refugee studies within the M.A programme in International Studies. In addition the FMRU endeavors to provide scholarships for students choosing this track.
  • A range of specialized books and information published electronically in forced migration and refugee studies. Students and interested individuals are the direct beneficiaries.
  • Monitoring news relating to forced migration and refugee issues through the electronic webpage of the FMRU.
  • Organizing competitions in scientific research to graduate students at Birzeit University and other Palestinian universities so as to encourage students’ and their scientific research in forced migration and refugee topics.
  • Providing a partial Ph.D. scholarship in a topic directly related to Palestinian Forced Migration and refugees. The nominated Ph.D. candidate will be required to sign a contract to commit to work at Birzeit University upon the successful completion of the Ph.D. programme; should the University request so.
  • Providing assistance and consultancy to students and researchers interested in writing on a topic in relation to forced migration and refugees.
  • Organizing an annual conference on a topic related to forced migration and refugees.
  • Providing support for faculty members and concerned researchers interested in researching on a topic related to forced migration and refugees to be published in a book published by the Institute or its electronic webpage.
  • Developing policy papers to be used by political decision makers in particular.