Advisory Committee

The Unit works under the direction of an advisory committee specialized in forced migration and refugee issues, the committee directs the academic, research and strategic tracks of the Unit in line of its goals and aims.  


The members of the committee are:-       


Asem Khalil:
Birzeit University (ex officio) - Palestine

Ibrahim Awad:
Center for Migration and Refugee Studies, American University in Cairo

Youssef Courbage:
National Institute of Demographic Studies, Paris ,France.

Mick Dumper:
Exeter University , UK

Philippe Fargues:
The Migration Policy Centre at the European University Institute, Florence-Italy.

Roger Heacock:
Birzeit University, Palestine.

Rita Gicaman:
Birzeit University , Palestine.

Ray Jureidini:
The Lebanese American University, Beirut , Lebanon.

Marwan Khawaja:
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia(ESCWA), Beirut, Lebanon.

Majdi al-Malki:
Birzeit University Palestine.