A training course in strategic communication, first module

The first module of the course was conducted between the 20th of September and the 8th of November 2014. Thirty specialists in communication, public relations and media, from the private sector, the public sector and NGOs took the course.


The course, which is worth 40 credit hours, included several practical and theoretical lectures that addressed various topics related to the importance of strategic communication; building a media message and delivering it to the public; the role of body language in such a process; the work of news agencies; and the importance of social media.


Several lectures were given by local and international experts and academics such as, Dr. Ihab Beiso, spokesman of the PA; Dr. Izzat Abdul Hadi, the Palestinian ambassador in Australia; Mrs. Hayat Abu Saleh from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA); Dr. Mahdi Arrar, a specialist in body language; and Dr. Sabri Saidam, an IT expert.


The course is a prelude to a new specialized professional diploma in strategic communication that will be introduced by IALIIS. The diploma aims at building the capacity of workers in the public and private sectors, and providing Palestinian institutions with qualified employees in the field of communication.


The course was organized by IALIIS and the government media center in cooperation with the British Cultural Council and the British Support Team.