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dot 21 July 2014
Workshop on: “EU: Between Common Policies and International System”

dot 24 July 2013
Public Lecture on The Independence of the Palestinian Central Elections Committee

dot 12 May 2012
New publications for Dr. Asem Khalil

Workshop on: “The EU: Between Common Policies and International System”

Workshop on: “Displacement and Exclusion: Attempts to Reshape Consciousness about Palestinian Refugees”

The deadline for receiving the research papers for the annual conference on Gaza: The Geo- Strategic and Political Position of the Gaza Strip, has been extended to march 15,2014.

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Internships and Volunteers

Through this fellowship / internship we wish to encourage research endeavors which add value to our work at the IALIIS. The philosophy of the initiative is to provide researchers and interns the possibility of conducting research on issues related to the IALIIS fields of interest, such as international migration and refugees, diplomacy, peace studies and conflict resolution strategies, international humanitarian and human rights law.

Such activities will enable the Institute to build up a good knowledge and research base incrementally, and grant our students the opportunity to get exposed to external resources (researchers) and exchange insights and experiences. 


Having research fellows and interns will enable local researchers and students to benefit from the fellows’ techniques and skills such as academic writing, reading, and analysis. For their part, the fellows should find their presence here very helpful in gathering data and formulating recommendations for their future research. It also facilitates the process of mapping between what exists on the ground and the hypotheses of their writings/research.

In another context, fellowship research should help IALIIS in initiating new contacts and ideas, and thus contribute to networking endeavors, perhaps opening up new windows of opportunities. This also can be of assistance in disseminating the activities/achievements and work of the IALIIS, which will in the longer term contribute to the promotion of the unit.

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