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dot 13 March 2014
Lecture within the Series of Diplomacy Meetings:On American-Israeli Relations: Is Israel an Ungrateful Ally?

dot 05 December 2013
Public Lecture on The Political Impacts of the UN Partition Resolution Number 181

dot 24 July 2013
Public Lecture on The Independence of the Palestinian Central Elections Committee

Invitation to a Lecture within the Series of Diplomacy Meetings.

The Twenty-First Annual Conference: Globalizing Palestine: Birzeit Universitys Archive in an International Perspective Towards a Chaotic Order.

Workshop on: Migration and International Politics

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Advisory Board

International Advisory Board of the Institute consists of:

1.     Alain Gresh.

2.     Rashid Al-Khalidi.

3.     Alain Joxe.

4.     Philippe Schmitter.

5.     Jean-Paul Chagnollaud



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