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dot 07 September 2015
Enhancing the political representation of Palestinian refugees in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

dot 07 September 2015
A training course in strategic communication, first module

dot 28 April 2015
Launch of the African Studies Program

Workshop on: The EU: Between Common Policies and International System

Workshop on: Displacement and Exclusion: Attempts to Reshape Consciousness about Palestinian Refugees

Workshop on: Migration and International Politics

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18-19 November 2014


The Geo-Strategic and Political Significance of the Gaza Strip


First Day: 18 November 2014

Registration (9:00 – 9:30)

Opening Session (9:30 – 10:00)

Welcoming and Prologues

Birzeit University – Khalil Hindi

Institute for Palestine Studies – Camille Mansour

Heinrich Boll Foundation – René Wildangel


First Session: The History of the Gaza Strip since the Nakba (10:00 – 12:00)

Session's Chair and Remarks: Munir Fakher Eldin & Issam Younis

The History of the Gaza Strip: from the Desired Entity (1948) to the Rejected Entity (1993). KHALID SAFI

Gaza Strip from Constructing to Dividing the Palestinian Identity. ASHRAF ABU NADA

The Legal Background: Shifts in the Legal Significance of the Gaza Strip. HASAN JABBARIN

15-minute Break (12:00 – 12:15)


Second Session: The Political Changes in the Gaza Strip since the Establishment of the PNA (12:15 – 02:15)

Session's Chair and Remarks: Ali Jarbawi & Riad Al Eleh

The Nature of the Political Regime Evolving in the Gaza Strip after the Division. TALAL OKAL

The Islamic Movement›s Shifts in the Gaza Strip: Internal and Intellectual Tensions, and the Foreign and Regional


Political Implications and Consequences of the War on the Gaza Strip. ADNAN ABU AMER

Lunch Break (02:15 – 03:00)


Third Session: Israeli Tools of Domination on the Gaza Strip and the Prospects of Resistance (03:00 – 05:00)

Session's Chair and Remarks: Ahmad Azm & Mkhaymar Abu Sa'da

Israeli Tools of Domination: Border Crossings Policy as Means to Control and Govern the Gaza Strip. OLA TAMIMI

Israeli Strategies and Policies Pursued vis a vis Hamas in the Gaza Strip. ASHRAF BADER

Erasure Mechanisms: between the Occupation's Desires and the Refugees› Dynamics in the Gaza Strip. NORMA


The Safe Passage between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank: the Political and Strategic Importance. AMMAR DWEIK.


Second Day: 19 November 2014


First Session: The Strategic Significance of the Gaza Strip (9:30 – 12:00)

Session's Chair and Remarks: Ahmad Khalifeh & Akram Attallah

The Significance of the Gaza Strip from Egypt›s Point of View. MUHAMMAD JUMA

Gaza Strip: Shifts in the Israeli›s Military and Security Strategies. AHMAD SAMEH KHALIDI

Significance of the Gaza Strip in the Palestinian National Scheme: The Risks of Separation between the West Bank

and the Gaza Strip. CAMILLE MANSOUR

15-minute Break (12:00 – 12:15)


Second Session: The Economic Challenges and Reconstruction (12:15 – 02:15)

Session's Chair and Remarks: Hussam Zumlot & Mohsen Abu Ramadan

Economic Ramifications and Reconstruction after the War on the Gaza Strip. NABEEL KASSIS

Reconstruction in the Gaza Strip: Manipulation, Government, and Resistance. SANDRA POGODDA

Relief Role of UNRWA during and after the War on the Gaza Strip. ADNAN ABU HASNA

Lunch Break (02:15– 03:00)


Third Session: The Social Shifts and the Implications of the Siege and War (03:00 – 05:00)

Session's Chair and Remarks: Lora Al-Khoury & Nasser Abu Al-Atta

Demographic Challenges. YOUSEF COURBAGE

Social Changes in the Gaza Strip. ABAHER AL SAKKA

Problematizing Solidarity with Gaza as Symbol. THOMAS HILL






9 March 2013


Between Dependence and Independence: What Future for Palestine


Conference Agenda


Coverage in Alhayat

  • Yousef Courbage. "Demography and conflicts in the context of Israel/ Palestine. Forecasts for the future.

  • Clemens Messerschmid. "The real price of water."

  • Ahmad El-Atrash. "Carrying capacity in terms of land availability and suitaility in present Palestine."

  • Said Haifa. "The financial crisis of the Palestinian Authority."

  • Abdullah Abdullah. "Petrol resources and natural gas in Palestine."





21-22 November 2011



Palestinian Refugees: Different Generations but One Identity



Conference Agenda 




Conference-Report (Video)

Video files: part(1), part(2), part(3), part(4)

In the Virtual World, Palestinians in Exile Reunite


Coverage in AlQuds, Al-Ayyam, PalestineNews&InformationAgency  (WAFA) and Palestine News Network.






12 April 2011




Ibrahim Abu-Lughod and the Engaged Intellectual: Resurrecting a Model



Conference Agenda 



Conference-Report (Arabic)


Coverage in AlQuds and Al-Ayyam.






1-2 October 2010



Gaza-Palestine: Out of the Margins



Conference Agenda 




Audio File Part1 Part2


Openning Speech of Birzeit University President, Dr. Khalil Hindi. Available in Arabic.  


Introduction by the IALIIS director, Dr. Asem Khalil. Available in Arabic.


Keynote Speech of UNRWA Commissioner General Filippo Grandi is available in Arabic and English.

Report is available in Arabic.


Coverage in AlQuds, Al-Ayyam and in Seyasat Journal (Gaza-Palestine: Out of the Margins)


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