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dot 21 July 2014
Workshop on: “EU: Between Common Policies and International System”

dot 24 July 2013
Public Lecture on The Independence of the Palestinian Central Elections Committee

dot 12 May 2012
New publications for Dr. Asem Khalil

Workshop on: “The EU: Between Common Policies and International System”

Workshop on: “Displacement and Exclusion: Attempts to Reshape Consciousness about Palestinian Refugees”

The deadline for receiving the research papers for the annual conference on Gaza: The Geo- Strategic and Political Position of the Gaza Strip, has been extended to march 15,2014.

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Abdulkarim Barghouti, Ph.D.


Abdulkarim Barghouti is the director of IALIIS. He earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Moscow State University. He chaired the Philosophy and Cultural Studies Department at Birzeit University for five years, and directed the graduate program in Contemporary Arabic Studies for two years. He is a previous Dean of Student Affairs and has been for a number of years secretary of the board of the Arab Council for Social Sciences. Dr. Barghouti has published widely in the fields of philosophy, religion, Arab and international studies.


He can be reached at: ialiis.director@birzeit.edu


Nahida Sabbah


Nahida Sabbah is the Executive Secretary of IALIIS. She holds a Diploma in Executive Secretary and a Diploma in Medical Secretary  from the Ramallah Women's Training Center- UNRWA. Prior to her work at IALIIS, Mrs. Sabbah was an executive secretary at Al-Quds Open University.


She can be reached at: nsabbah@birzeit.edu


Kawthar Abu Khalil


Kawthar Abu Khalil is the Administrative and Financial Assistant at IALIIS. She previously worked in the administrative and research areas. She earned her M.A. degree in Sociology from Birzeit University.


She can be reached at: Kawther@birzeit.edu


Suzan Daana


Suzan Daana is a researcher at the Palestinian Digital Archive at IALIIS. She has an M.A. degree in Political Research from University of Aberdeen, Scotland, and another M.A. degree  in Democracy and Human Rights from Birzeit University. She has a B.A. degree in English literature from Damascus University, Syria.


She can be reached at: sdaana@birzeit.edu


Suhaila Abdel Latif


Suhaila Abdel Latif is the coordinator of the Forced Migration and Refugee Unit at IALIIS. She earned her B.A. in English language and literature with minor in translation from Birzeit University, and she is now doing her M.A. in Contemporary Arab Studies. Suhaila worked as a freelancer translator from English to Arabic and vice versa, in addition to being a youth coordinator at Tamer Institute for Community Education.


She can be reached at: sabdallateef@birzeit.edu 


Wael Hasan


Wael Hasan is the messenger at IALIIS.


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