the topic of electricity in the Palestinian territories

Abu Alkhair addressed the topic of electricity as a necessity and a priority to achieve development and peace in the Palestinian territories.

He presented a brief background on the current situation of the Palestinian energy sector, illustrating the problems this sector encounter, such the high cost of the energy units, the insufficient use of the renewable energy, and the Israeli control over the traditional supplies of energy.

Mr. Ayman talked about the unstable political conditions and their impact on demanding electricity. Those conditions affect the electricity consumption on two ways: first, deceleration in electricity consumption from economic perspective. Second: such conditions lead to sharp decrease in electricity consumption by economical activities, resulted to a decrease in the energy purchases during the unrest periods.

He pointed out to the necessity of peace in the region, and to study the possibility of constructing independent stations to generate electricity in the Palestinian territories, side by side with the other choices like importing electricity and the possibility to utilize the renewable energy. Such intervention should improve the Palestinian infrastructure especially the electricity sector and therefore constitute one of the stepping stones towards development, peace and stability.

Thursday, June 16, 2011 - 11